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Roof Repairs

The roof is our best line of defense against harsh weather, strong winds, snow, and of course rainfall. Homeowners who have all experienced these ever changing conditions knew all along that the roof that protects them is also vulnerable to certain damages.

We get hundreds of calls every month from property owners, residential or commercial, and promptly provide the needed service on a hassle-free and stress-free solutions. We employ the most modern tools and use advanced technology in order to complete our task, not leaving any work mess behind.


Replacement Roofs

What's involved in a roof replacement? Is it the same as reroofing? How much should I spend on such a project?

A roof replacement could only mean that your old roof had enough serious damages where fixing wouldn’t stop the further destruction it can do on major sections of your home. How does it feel on the budget for a kitchen refurbishment or replacing expensive furniture destroyed by leaks?

Say goodbye to your gadgets and wide-screen LEDs because problematic leaks can crawl right through where electrical switches are built.


UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

A damaged gutter sometimes causes faulty soffits and fascias. These three roof members are part of the roofline that plays a vital function in maintaining your roof's stability. We have a complete line of service and tradespeople that handle fascia, soffit, and gutter repair. We do repairs because we know that your roof is not invulnerable to attacks brought by harsh weather and environmental catastrophes.

Storms can hit your gutter when the rainwater is too heavy, and the gutter becomes flooded. The heavy weight of water (including clogs like dead leaves and branches, animal manure, etc.) put stress on the gutter and bend it in any means possible, leading to gutter destruction.


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